Be Thankful !!

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” — William Blake

         Nowadays human life has become very busy, for everything we have a schedule, we have a calendar that we have planned for the next day, week and month. We started running behind the success, few people want to beat the competition and few want to be different from the competition, to whom we call finite and infinite people. 

                But while running behind the success we totally forget to thank the people who helped us to accomplish our goal, due to many factors human interaction, human conversion becomes very limited. In our every success there are many back-end players who have made your win possible. 

        When Hanuman went to Srilanka to meet Maa Sita, while coming back Ravan put fire in the Hanuman’s tail that time Maa Sita prayed to the Fire God and exclaimed: “Mera beta mujhse milne aaya tha aaur uske punch me Ravan ne aag laga di hai, krapa karke agni shital hojaye”. That is the reason though the Ravan kept the fire to Hanuman’s tail, nothing happened to him, inverse he burned off Lanka, but in the backend, maa Sita had played a big role. 

           So whenever you are achieving something don’t think that you have done, in the back-end might your Mom, dad, son, daughter, wife, driver, employee, team prayed to the god and kept a lot of hard work to make you successful. 

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” — James Allen

                      So whenever you achieve something, say thanks to everyone. It starting from your homemade who cooked for you, driver – who helped you to reach on time at the office. Your family and friends – who always motivated you and stood with you in bad time, Your team – Who kept a lot of hard work and effort to complete this within time and with the quality. 

So Be thankful !!

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