HR Documentation Consulting

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Our HR Consulting services encompass a variety of specific HR processes and needs that various businesses struggle to address. We have specifically designed these HR services in order to alleviate the burden of the Human Resource functions on your business’s resources and leadership.

Outsourcing the HR needs is a good option for your organization if your business is looking to fulfil certain pain points pertaining to HR, but are not ready or able to dedicate internal resources for the same. Building on our extensive experience in optimizing the Human Resource business processes, Vroutes offers a wide range of HR consulting services that include:

HR Policies Formulation

Strategically designed and employee-friendly HR policies play a crucial role in projecting any organization as "the best place to work". The workforce of today is young, dynamic and distinctive. Modern employees will be more committed to performing the best once they are convinced that the company follows fair, employee-friendly, open-minded and transparent HR policies. And a committed workforce in turn will make sure that the organization is successful and thriving for several years to come.

Our HR consultants implement the best industry practices while developing progressive HR policies for your organisation.

Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning

Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning are two of the most critical HR procedures that influence both cost-efficiency and superlative customer service in any organization. These services are specifically crucial for a startup and scale-up business conditions. Vroutes brings proven expertise in designing precise organization structure for ensuring optimum manpower utilisation for cost-effective, customer-specific and agile HR operations.

Moreover, Vroutes’ HR consultants provide a third-party specialist view to this sensitive and critical HR process in your company.

Employee Job Evaluation and Gradation

Vroutes’ HR consulting services help you establish a rational and reasonable foundation to outline the organisational structure, roles and required levels of hierarchy in the company. A well-implemented Job Evaluation and Employee Gradation system offer a solid base for defining compensation and benefits program as well as establishing clarity in terms of relative worth necessary for different roles within the organization.

Job Descriptions, KRA / KPIs Formulation

An organisation’s employees can provide greater value-addition only when they are completely aware about their roles, responsibilities and performance metrics. Job descriptions based on skill, knowledge and performance (KRA/KPIs) that are developed in alignment with the organisation’s business strategy foster a high level of cognizance and responsibility within the team. Moreover, this provides a valuable opportunity for the company’s top management to align the performance metrics of each resource with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Establishing Simple and Basic HR Processes

Generally, it is essential in startup and business scale up situations to establish basic HR processes that are simple, professional and scalable at the same time. Hence, Vroutes helps you define and create all the basic people management processes that include, recruitment, performance monitoring and appraisals, compensation structures and more. This helps build a solid foundation for people management within the organisation in a time-bound manner.

Employment Documentation

Last but not the least, we also help organisations in defining the legally validated employee contracts/agreements/certifications. These are created keeping in mind the interests of both organization and the employees on priority. With years of expertise, we understand that accurate and legally validated employment documentation are crucial in protecting the company from legal implications as well as establishing clarity on employment terms and key HR policies.

If you are interested in learning more about how developing and implementing an HR project plan for your business works, then fill out our contact form. Our team will schedule an introductory phone call with our specialists to learn about your unique needs and further assist you.