HR Operations Services

HR Operations Services

According to research and credible evidence, the majority of SMEs in India fail or shut down operations within their first 5 years of operation, and the root cause of this problem could be the lack of effective Human Resource operations in the organisation.

From the outskirts, the HR department might seem like a non-revenue generating or a heavy cost to the company. Thus, small business owners who are always looking to cut costs tend to neglect the HR department entirely. However, this could prove to be a key aspect in your organisation’s success or failure in the long run.

Hence, outsourcing your HR operations to the experts can let you focus on the key business areas while they will take utmost care of one of the most crucial areas of your organisation. Efficient HR operations services from Vroutes play a vital role in an organisation’s employer branding, human resource database management, supervising and monitoring day to day tasks, managing employee relations and the list goes on.

At Vroutes we specialise in the following areas of Human Resource Operations

Training And

Ensuring that the candidates are ready for the job with the right skill set and knowledge.


Getting the best out of the human resources who can contribute to the company’s success.

HR Policy Creation
And Implementation

Helping you define and establish a clear, concise, integral and actionable HR strategy and process.


Bridging the employee management gap by handling complaints & grievances efficiently.

Employee Relations
& Industrial Relations

Focusing on the relationships between an employer and the employees through their union, etc.

Prevention Of Sexual
Harassment (POSH)

Ensuring the safety of employees with well-defined sexual harassment policies, prevention systems, procedures & rules.

Benefits & Compensation

Effective & fair compensation management keeps employees motivated, loyal & higher performing.


Scouting, recruiting, & training resources to ensure that a key role is never vacant in the organization.

Induction &

Offering induction seminars/orientation to new employees to make the onboarding process smooth & easy.

Rewards &

An appreciation-based culture in the organisation helps build trust and respect among the workforce.


Make employees the real promoters of your organisation by enhancing their overall experiences and engagement.


Establishing efficient system and processes for salary calculations and disbursements, tax filing and more.


Technology can help bring transparency, agility, and efficient collaboration to your HR department.


Ensuring that only the right candidates make it through with strict verification & background check.

HR Strategic

Address and solve your organisation’s critical problems and contribute towards business goals.

HR Analytics

With a data-driven and analytical approach, you can determine the direction of all aspects of HR.