Recruitment Services

Our HR & Recruitment Expertise

The success of a company lies in its ability to hire great talent!

The Human Resource wing of Vroutes HR consulting specializes in offering complete staffing and recruiting services for organisations globally. We serve companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large firms and fortune companies.

We bring an extensive and unique experience to the front when it comes to talent scouting, staffing, recruitment and overall human resource management. Our highest priorities are commitment to performance, reliability and utmost quality in customer service. We make use of the latest technology and a vast network of candidates to provide fitting human resources at all levels of professional responsibility across organisations.

The recruiters at Vroutes also perform an extensive culture analysis and verification in order to help you zero down and hire the right candidates. Through our extensive auditing process, we certify that your staffing needs are fulfilled by not only the most qualified candidates, but also the individuals who will be the best fit for your company culture as well.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With recruitment process outsourcing, you entrust us with the task of finding talent for your organisation. Before we start our process, we understand the culture, values, growth plans and history of your organisation. Based on the inputs provided, we create a specification document that serves as a guideline.

Permanent Staffing

For most organisations, the permanent staff makes a major portion of their workforce. We focus on recruiting experienced managers and professionals with the necessary qualification and experience. Our permanent staffing services are rewarding due to our strong network and holistic approach.