Recruitment & Staffing Services

Recruitment & Staffing Services

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. After all at the end of the day you bet on people not plans.”

Vroutes realizes that recruitment is time-consuming and we wish to claim back  that time to you by conducting your job audits and facilitate your candidate sourcing, pre-screening, assessments and selection processes. In our recruitment model, we foresee your organization’s requirements and spend some time with the hiring manager to understand the requirement in details furthermore we map the organizational goal. Vroutes then advertises/sources and might also draw from its existing networks to create a list of suitable candidates. Through a consultative approach, Vroutes shortlists and conducts the first round of interviews to then provide your organization with a list of preferred candidates for interview. The successful candidate is then employed by your organization. We provide all types of recruitment services to all IT and Non-IT Businesses.

If you are aiming to recruit but you find it difficult due to any reason, Vroutes  is your only solution!

1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Vroutes is the correct fit for your organization, we are the one that understand your culture, values and hiring goals and behold you benefits that can be enormous for your organization. Your beneficial considerations shall be on the following basis:

  • Stronger quality of hires
  • Cost reductions
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Talent pooling
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Excellent compliance regulations
2. Permanent Staffing:

Hiring permanent employees and adding them into an organisation is an important deal, Vroutes is a strong organization that shall pick the best employees for you based on all the parameters that your organization needs.

We look into your organizational prospects and ensure hiring of best practitional employees, we undertake various measures to imply interest around your organisation and eventually look for the best prospective employees, following it we shortlist and verify different employees out of all the candidates and eventually finalize the best person to be in your pertaining functioning of the organization and following up until the entire learning/working process.

3. Employee Leasing:

Vroutes makes a contractual arrangement with your company, wherein the hiring  retains with the official employer. We make sure that employment responsibilities are typically shared between the two organizations.

Employee leasing lets your organization add workers without adding administrative complexity. We shall let you add workers without adding administrative complexity to your organization. We ensure cost reductions and talent pooling. Vroutes shall always be your partner and manage your organizational needs.

4.Temporary Staffing:

All the organizations around the country/ world look up for new talents to be endorsed into your organization to practice basic necessities and requirements of the firm.

Vroutes resolves to provide you reliable temporary staffing solutions. We are a leading company that provides you necessary Employments during  critical times and to keep projects moving. We deem to reduce administrative burden on your company and decrease your costs of employing skillful and talented pool of people to make sure your working works well.